The gods are ANGRY and DEMAND tribute! Appease the GODS by sacrificing animals from your ranch! Show them your LOYALTY and earn divine favor! Keep the gods satisfied by bringing them sacrificial animals from the ranch. Don’t disappoint them!


Move with WASD.

Interact with E:

  • Pick up animals
  • Drop animals
  • Offer them up as sacrifice to the gods

Pause with ESC.


Go to the temples and see what sacrifices the gods desire from lowly peasants. Fulfill your obligations and bring them animals from your ranch.

If a god’s happiness drops too low, they’ll get angry and hinder your progress!

However, if you earn enough favor, they’ll bless you with divine boons!

Animals reproduce as long as they have a mate to reproduce with, so make sure not to sacrifice the last two of a kind, or fear the gods’ wrath!`


Poseidon: Splash! The rain slows you in your divine duties.

Zeus: Zapps animals to death! (Sorry, gods prefer their meat raw)

Aphrodite: Turns the ranch into an uncomfortable place to start a family.


Poseidon: Spawns fish in the lake which can be used as a wildcard sacrifice! Worth a lot of favor!

Zeus: Zeus’s little slave cloud is out to help you in your divine commitment.

Aphrodite: Love is in the air! Boosts animal sex drive.


  • Fix the double-cow bug


Ranch of the Gods 22 MB

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